Day 15: What’s In Your Handbag?

December 21, 2013

My bag is usually really simple. I don’t like carrying around a lot of stuff. I always have my wallet inside my bag. I think everyone has a wallet inside. I also like to have my makeup bag just in case I want to touch up or anything like that. I have Chapstick or some kind of lip moisturizer as well and hand lotion. I always have a pen in my bag in case I need it when I’m out. I have a hair clip in my bag always. Sometimes I don’t like my hair getting in the way so I like to have a hair clip to pin my hair away. I also sometimes carry my kindle inside my bag. But that’s if I’m going somewhere far or staying out for a long time, like over the weekend at my parent’s restaurant. I always carry my earphones and my phone =)

My bag is not that exciting haha. But usually when I’m going somewhere quick I don’t even bring my bag haha.

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